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Discover Ancient Pahlavani Yoga from Persia

Do you want to be a modern warrior? If you do, you’ll benefit from discovering the historic Persian Yoga style known as Pahvalani. Today, we’re going to share so many fascinating facts about Pahlavani Yoga. Once you’ve gotten the inside scoop on this ancient form of Yoga, which is still very popular today, you may want to try it for yourself!

Persian Yoga

What Is Pahlavani Yoga, Anyway?

This style of yoga was designed to condition warriors in ancient Persia. It was practiced by martial artists, as well as the most noble warriors. It’s a form of conditioning which has endured through the centuries. It’s also “battlefield-proven”.

Most workouts that we do today were initially developed in order to prepare men for war as opposed to using yoga for flexibility. This style of Yoga was definitely developed for this purpose. Also known as Persian Yoga, Pahlavani Yoga is focused on skill development which is necessary in order to perform martial arts effectively. It’s also designed to hone one-on-one combat skills.

In order to get a handle on Pahlavani Yoga, we need to examine life as it was lived in Persia, while the empires of Persia were still intact.

Warriors Needed to Stay Fit

During this time period, men were trained for war as members of infantries, or as archers or cavalry riders. When war began, Persian archers would spring into action and try to take out enemies before the battle really started. Then, cavalry members would charge into battle on their steeds. After the cavalry entered the fray, infantry members would move in and try to kill their enemies.

The training that cavalry riders in ancient Persia received inspired Pahlavani Yoga. When these tough and talented horse riders weren’t out on the field of battle, they need to keep their bodies in peak condition and keep their fighting skills sharp.

If you practice Pahlavani Yoga, you’ll be doing the same movements and poses that the elite cavalry fighters of ancient Persia did.

Why You Should Try It

Lots of successful wrestlers who compete at the elite level use this form of Yoga in order to excel in their sport. For example, a host of wrestlers from Iran have won gold medals at world-class competitions because they use Pahlavani Yoga in order to hone their fitness. This form of yoga is a traditional workout that really gets results.

It might look a little different to your standard forms of exercise in the gym, but the results can be just as good. So trade in the Proform 550r rower for a yoga mat and take you fitness to the next level.

Aside from the physical benefits of doing this type of Persian yoga, there are extra benefits. This type of yoga has a spiritual element. During the practice of Pahvalani yoga, you’ll achieve a sense of unity with the world around you. You’ll be led by a guru, known as a Morshed, who reminds you of important spiritual truths as you attain and hold the poses.

Yoga will begin with a phrase, “In the name of God, of life and wisdom, who is the purest meditation conceived” and end with a prayer which is a request for courage and strength. In between the first phrase and the final prayer, you will get an amazing workout.

Now that you know more about ancient Pahlavani Yoga from Persia, why not try it today?